chances are that you are a man who doesnt want to have his nads cut off, and well, we wont (cant) force you to undergo castration (until the matriarhy eventually takes over the world) so we will try to convince you with this list

testostorone prevents maritual obedience (husbands must always obey their wives, and not care if the wife cheats which to say healthy in marriage the wife should be allowed to cheat)

testostorone promotes sexual offences which kill up to 30 million a year

testostorone creates an illogical fear of castration

castration is awesome, like seriously, you need to try it, its so arousing

jimmy savile and ian brady had testostorone and balls, and look what happened to them!

testostorone caused the moors murders (myra hindley is a man-in-a-woman)

sex is politically incorrect (unless its between 2 women)

convinced yet? thought so

want in on our sweet deal? email with your home address and we send a castration doctor to
your home to carry out the proceedure absolutely free (we are funded by feminist groups and sex offender rehab centres, and yes, we are british in case the spelling of "centre" is annoying you.)

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